“A fantasy novel for modern audiences.”

“When wishes three are breathed from lips of magi bright, disasters are unfathered and grievous wrongs made right.”

Three characters and what they need are key:

1) Cody Patton: Fighting, ax in hand, for life and sanity on a far world and desperately wishing he was somewhere he could wash his hands of the blood that speaks to him.

2) Anton Grey: An ancient stone walker headquartered in modern British Columbia, continuing his centuries-long quest for his wife, family, and home world. He wishes for escape from the aching loneliness caused by his endless task.

3) QuaiVai: hundreds of thousands of years old, faces mortality and wishes to save some of her children from extermination.

The day is now and secret travelstones connect all the worlds of magic, but only those who practice magic can walk those hidden paths. When master stone walker Anton Grey and his new apprentice Cody Patton step onto the pre-industrial world of Kosjia, they find themselves in much more than a fight for their own lives. Societal and technological changes necessary for Kosjia’s continued development are being impeded by the mysterious disappearance of vital resources.

Amidst a forbidding expanse of uninhabitable golden grassland, the city of Mirin exists as an oasis where dictatorial families have ruled for generations below the ancient goddess Tree some call QuaiVai. The migration across the vast plain of serpentine grass is paramount and solutions must be found or civilization may be doomed. Nefarious agents on Kosjia, human and otherwise, seen and unseen, employ loathsome schemes, fearsome magics, and deadly creatures to thwart the needs of the masses and perpetuate their status quo.

In the end, everything depends on the alliances the stone walkers build, the ferocity, instincts and gifts of a young warrior-Adept, and their combined magical skills to guard the travelstone which connects Kosjia to its future.

Join a magical adventure more vast than any before it!