The Stone Walkers is a fantasy novel free to download.

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“This is the story of an scarred, ancient sorcerer-adept, whose responsibilities have become overwhelming. While alone and despairing, but nonetheless prepared to embark on yet another journey, the ancient one makes a wish for a partner to walk at his side–a simple wish. However, when a sorcerer makes a wish amazing things can happen.

A young man, bruised, battered and bleeding, returns to Nanaimo, British Columbia where magic grasps his wondrous spirit and gives it to the old one in answer to that fateful wish.

Together they step onto the world of Kosjia, where men fight, couples find love, and the spirits of earth, wind and fire walk. Furthermore, an unseen cabal is stealing Kosjia’s vital future. Overcoming these challenges Anton Grey finds a reason to live and Cody becomes a true Stone Walker.”


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