Cover art by Dex Craig

The Stone Walkers is a free to download novel.

“The stone portals may be as ancient as the magical worlds they connect, and the Stone walkers who travel those hazardous gateways are beyond doubt the most powerful of magicians, but even they–were young once.

So it is that Cody Patton chances to step from earth to a brutally different world on his first jaunt, where he is enslaved and forced to fight or die while his magic truly awakens. Back on earth, Anton Grey is an ancient, learned, successful but despairing adept, wishing for a reason to go on another day. Cody returns half out of his mind but no longer naive to the realities of the stones and meets Grey. Anton sees unique potential in the young man and offers him a job as able bodyguard, partner and apprentice.

Together they step onto Kosjia, where men fight, couples find love, and the spirits of earth, wind and fire walk. Furthermore, an unseen cabal is stealing Kosjia’s vital future. Overcoming these challenges Anton Grey finds a reason to live and Cody becomes a true Stone walker.”

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