The Stone Walkers

The Stone Walkers is a fantasy novel free to download.

The Stone Walkers is the story of two individuals.

Anton Grey, is an old sorcerer-adept juggling a complex organization spanning multiple worlds, massive investments and touching the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people. But after centuries of dedication, effort and a goodly measure of his own blood, the burden of holding it together has become too much. Alone and despairing, but nonetheless fully prepared to embark on yet another journey to keep these countless interests alive, the ancient one makes a wish for a partner to walk at his side. But when a arch-sorcerer makes a wish–amazing things can happen.

Enter one Cody Oscar Patton. After surviving for months on a far world and then fighting his way back to the travel stone that dropped him on that dreadful world, the young man, bloody and beaten but resolutely not broken, sets his feet to return to his world and his home town. Cody’s destination though is altered by the caprice of magic itself, and these two are thrust together at a desperate hour.

These two step onto the world of Kosjia, where men fight, couples love, and the spirits of the elements walk on the plains of golden Lalos grass, connected somehow to a sentience as ancient as the mountains themselves. Together they uncover a heretofore unseen cabal shown be stealing Kosjia’s vital future. Overcoming these challenges Anton Grey finds again a reason to live and Cody Oscar Patton becomes a true Stone Walker.

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