Guidelines for story submissions (subject to change):


Only humanoids with magical ability can use travel stones. Neither dogs nor elephants can travel, and this means even in contact with MCs or Cs (Main characters or Characters). What happens if an MC and a dog try? The MC finds his or her self in the vault of addresses with no dog and can immediately return to be frustrated. Note: Dog can then wander away from the stone to pee or whatever.


Earth is pivotal to SW1 (The Stone Walkers first novel). Do not change it (i.e. No Death Stars blowing it up, No alternate histories where Nazis rule the world). Basically leave it as a benchmark of normality so as not to disrupt the SW collection.

Do not use SW1 characters (Anton, Dude, Misha, DhurSa) without express permission from the author.

Empires spanning stones need to be supported with realistic rationales. If none are provided then the story will not be included. Come on! How many worlds can anyone rule?


Write what you want. They’re the stories, planets, kingdoms and characters born of your imagination. The Stone Walkers only provides a framework to connect them in a universe which allows great flexibility and possibility.

Stones are integral to stories. They must be there. Stones are etched with the most dominant or prevalent forms of life on the planet.

Though Stones must appear in the story–they needn’t be used; however, if not…then it’s hardly a SW story.

Magic is what you say it is on your worlds, but if you change worlds then magicians must experience a change in how things magical happen (i.e. summoning requires animal sacrifice, or burning of elements, etc.) and these are conditions that they are not used to. There is ALWAYS a period of “getting used to” the new world IF the character travels to a new one. This is how connections are possible because all writers set rules and when you change the setting…the rules change.

Gods do NOT travel stones. Period. Very powerful characters, yes. Gods or gods, no.

The Reset Protocol is reality. If you break the connection when in the vault–you are adrift with what is next to NO chance of finding your old Stones.

The Custodians of the Stones are not seen, unless by express consent.

While in the Vault of Addresses time is objective and usually enough to have a conversation; however, it will kick characters out after an undetermined interval usually felt to be about 15 minutes.

Characters need a reason to live. They need to eat and therefore need to have an income. Give your characters some means of supporting themselves. Without income of some form, the character will starve. Yes, an evil character with unethical inclinations can conquer all and live off the fat of the leavings…then what? As shown in SW1, when characters are away nature will try to balance the vacuum.