Flashing colours

left to right


  right too


in mesmerizing


a hypnotizing notion

red, white, amber fading

shading, indicating


breath stands still

faces hide


cool glass


     as they pass


glass           walled

bus             stop

with   metal     sill


       drips of

      milk shake







         on glass






Pink Petals 

Pink petals. *
Breeze blowing… 

* Float freely, * 

Land lightly, 

* Sit softly, 

* . . * . . Look lovely * . . .* . .


“I” is a symbol

a visible stretching of pigment light or ink across a medium

standing as a thought

“I” is somehow ironic as it stands for who i am

but who am i ?

If “I” is ink stretched across medium

written by this hand

it being “I” is supposed to stand 

for i actually

when i am not there

become “I”

inside the skull where magic and symbol collide

where I really reside 

but “I” must stand

for me when i 

cannot be there.

i float in white space like a stick in the air

“I” floats next to i in compare

the man can paint and love and sing

but the stick is dull and just is…

so is i to “I” as ink stretched 

across medium

“I” implies only-ness

like one-liness

i surrounded by so much White space

White space serving not to interpret 

but to divide what exists in ink

stretched across medium from that which 

there is not


a symbol standing for me

but catch-22

back to the beginning 

and that’s not what I mean to do

i wants to be more than something

stretched so thoroughly thin

i wants to feel felt

i wants to be more than thin


a line is a polarly connected series of infinitely 

small points so

i remains

. . . . . .

:    i    :

. . . . . .


remains surrounded

remains so thin and surrounded by White space

i has to change from this series

of polarly connected points because

if we have a million infinitely small

dots stretched standing end to end 

shoulder to shoulder

i is still

so small

that’s all

how small is a point?

small indeed

so a line is a small thing really

or made of smallish things


so a line though it divide oddly 

is still almost nothing is it not?


so i is really almost nothing

nothing surrounded by a sea of White space


so what would change “I” into something richer?

what would morph i from singularity of

only-ness in series to something less thin?

what would overcome enhance inflate the

one-liness of “I” into an acceptable form of i ?

another i

place another i next to i and it can become we

“II” is DOUBLE negation of vicious White space

to gently press i to i is to create

and infinitely more satisfying elimination 

of the insidious white by the union

of two to too become much more 

than i and i was/were before.

when i becomes we is to grasp in some measure 


freedom to be love share trust depend feel taste give and yes get

ii = we

A hurricane of synergy in comparison to “I” or i

A hurricane 

tremendous energy

and so much more than a series of polarly 

connected infinitely small points

yes please


Written for Ying.

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